A Little Bit About Us

awardElectric Cabaret was formed in 2003 as a creative partnership between

Rebecca Clark and Richard Jones.



The name Electric Cabaret was chosen to represent the eclectic array of styles, genres and backgrounds held between us.

Electric Cabaret has been on an amazing journey. We have contributed to and created many exciting projects.

We have met thousands of brilliant people and made some beautiful spectacles.  

Our challenges have been huge and many, but by seeking solutions

to theatrical problems we have always performed.




So far it's been Brilliant!

We have  fulfilled opportunities, met exciting challenges and realised dreams. Our passion for inclusive,  

expansive theatre has  led us into the most amazing

avenues of opportunity

We strive for more of the same.




Thanks to the initial support from the

Milton Keynes Community Foundation,

Electric Cabaret has gone from

strength to strength.

They have provided education to

thousands of people,

entertained tens of thousands and

directed for hundreds.


Highlights  Include:

Winning the UK National Street Entertainers award in 2010. 

10 years of repeat bookings to provide entertainment for the BBC and Jools Holland's Hootenanny.

Entertaining the stars of Cirque du Soleil.

Helping Great Ormond Street fund raise.

Entertaining at St James’s Palace.

Touring overseas to Las Vegas, Dallas, Bahrain, Kuwait, Belgium.

Helping Oxford create a fantastic youth theatre show as part of the Portrait of a Nation festival in Liverpool as part of Capital of Culture.

Creating the superb “Electric Circus‘ youth summer programs at the Royal and Derngate and the Bicester Courtyard

Events throughout the Olympic year including torch relays, athlete welcoming and departing ceremonies.

There are countless more great moments, amazing times and fantastic stories.

Clients include.

BBC, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick, Diadgeo, UEFA Cup Final, NFL, Nominet, Microsoft, O2, Orange... etc etc 


Find out about our recent activities on Facebook. 


 Before Electric Cabaret:

Richard decided on the 4th of April 1990 to work in the arts. So far that dream has been a reality. 

Along the way he has come close to being deported for busking in Singapore because he unwittingly became a figure head for allowing public performance;

refused to pay protection money from the yakuza while performing in Japan, found him self stranded up a sway pole while performing through a riot in Belgium.

Richard trained with Desmond Jones in mime, Gaullier in Clown and Bouffon before joining experimental movement troupe ‘Born in a Taxi’. 

Richard became a core member of Australian theatre troupe 'Born in a Taxi' and a company member of 'Strange Fruit' enjoying international travel, government funding and the international acclaim afforded to both companies.

In 2000 Richard left Australia for the UK.



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