Electric Cabaret's Street Theatre

Specific Acts for Specific Street Theatre Events.

In 2010 Electric Cabaret were crowned National (UK) Street Theatre Champions. They have a variety of street theatre options suitable for the street, in a theatre or simply a field. From Large festivals to smaller more intimate celebrations. Electric Cabaret are a versatile street theatre company able to electrify and animate space.


BroFitness Health Awareness Street Theatre

Are a High Energy Public Place Awareness Campaign.Highly stylised improvised choreography coupled with pertenant banter on health themes.

Great street theatre doing good. Check out the BroFitness video in the video gallery.

   In 2014 BroFitness were commissioned by Public Health England to create Street Theatre to help promote the Stoptober Anti Smoking Campaign 2014. With great success BroFitness created street theatre spectacles throughout England whilst deseminating Health Awareness. 

Seen here Victorian Street Theatre, sporting street theatre, and leisure time street theatre in action. Many costumes available

in the street theatre picture galleries.



Street Theatre Act BroFitness  Street theatre company act BroFitness3 Street theatre act BroFitness2a 
Street theatre company act BroFitness4 Street theatre company act BroFitness5  


The Elementals Street Theatre Company.


An Architectural Oddity. The sculpture that comes to town.

The Elementals with or with out the ball is an environment changing event.

Born from alien imagination the Elementals see form, shape and space as their language.

Great act! The ball is 4 metres in diameter.


     Street theatre company act BroFitness7   Street theatre company act BroFitness8      Street theatre company act BroFitness9
Street theatre company act BroFitness10 Street theatre company act BroFitness12 Street theatre company act BroFitness11


James and the Giant Peach Street Theatre.

This street theatre act is a character led romp as the huge giant peach is displayed to the good people of your town. 

Inspired from the street parade at end of the book, the Giant peach is displayed and shared with the public.

Security guards protect the peach from the hungry hordes as this Dahl inspired monster rolls by. 

Great Street Theatre.

Street Theatre Company Acts 13

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